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Personnel responsible for the safe shipment of hazardous materials, including anyone that selects a hazardous materials packaging, fills packages, secures a closure on a hazardous materials package, marks or labels containers, completes or signs shipping papers, provides emergency response information, provides placards, loads or unloads vehicles or operates vehicles used to transport hazardous materials.

Benefits ::

Program includes a course manual with an Index for 49 CFR 171-185, a complete copy of the current DOT HazMat Table, and an Emergency Response Guidebook. Please note that this workshop consists of lectures, work projects, question & answer sessions and testing. Participants must attend and participate in all classroom sessions to receive a certification of successful completion.

One year free hotline service to answer questions and to assist you in applying what you have learned. Reminder notices one month in advance of your re-certification date.

Topics ::

• Overview of HazMat Transportation in Commerce

• Definitions

• Abbreviations and Hazard Classifications

• Understanding the Hazardous Material Table

• Packaging, Marking, Labeling, Placarding

• HazMat Registration

• Shipping Papers

• Understanding the Emergency Response Guidebook

• HazMat Incident Reporting

• Hazardous Substances & Reportable Quantities

• Recent Rule Changes

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