On-Call Availability

In the event of an unannounced OSHA, EPA, FDEP, DOT, FAA or FMCSA inspection, RegComp compliance experts are on-call to assist you, including the resolution of alleged non-compliance issues that may be identified by these agencies.

Mutual Confidentiality

RegComp shall not reveal any of the client’s information to any external agency or individual without the expressed written consent of the client’s senior management. Likewise, the client shall honor the proprietary nature of RegComp’s work, intended solely to meet the client’s compliance requirements. Client promises not to share any RegComp documentation with anyone outside the client’s company without the expressed written consent of the President of RegComp.

Written Plans

Existing plans may be revised and missing plans will be created, which may include, but are not limited to:


Overall Safety & Health Program; Hazard Communication Program; Chemical Hygiene Plan; Confined Spaces; Process Safety Management; Personal Protective Equipment Survey; Hearing Conservation; Respiratory Program; Energy Control Plan; Exposure Control Plan; Fire Prevention Plan.


Contingency and Emergency Procedures Plan, Waste Minimization Program [P2]; Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan; Hazardous Waste Management Program.


Security Plan.


Accident Tracking; Financial Responsibility; Drug and Alcohol Abuse; Driver Orientation; Annual Vehicle Inspections and Hazardous Materials.


Previously conducted training will be noted and documented. Additional training will be provided as required by OSHA, EPA, FDEP, DOT, IATA and IMDG. Attendees will receive training materials, testing and certifications. Training sessions will be managed within facility work schedules. RegComp will maintain employee history training records, provide a manager’s notification of employees requiring training and employee sign-in sheets for each presentation..

Monitoring Service

RegComp’s goal is to assist you into compliance and then, keep you there. The extent of our involvement in your implemented Corporate Compliance Program depends on a number of factors, including your cost constraints and the availability of your personnel to assume responsibility for portions of the program. Usually, client’s request quarterly or biennial site visits to ensure the continuation of their compliance efforts.

Custom Compliance Programs

Compliance Gap Assessment

OSHA, EPA and DOT regulatory review which is generally completed in four segments: a general background and records review; a detailed inspection of each applicable facility area; an exit interview with facility staff; and a written report which provides specific areas of non-compliance and recommendations for correction.

OSHA, EPA and DOT require that you develop plans and procedures that you must follow. Once RegComp has identified your problem areas, we can correct deficiencies through the development and implementation of programs specifically designed for your facility. Consolidation of operations under a Custom Corporate Compliance Program becomes an excellent inspection showpiece demonstrating compelling evidence of due diligence, compliance achievement, and exemplary corporate citizenship. It is a useful management “power tool” to assess areas for cost savings and to improve efficiencies, as well as to reduce future non-compliance and resulting fines and penalties.


RegComp’s experienced staff and compliance experts will provide you with a complete implementation strategy to maximize the effectiveness of your programs that may include some or all of the following features:.


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